Welcome to Official Deathcraft

Hello and welcome to the official deathcraft modpack. I made this modpack to be a bit challenging.

In this modpack you start off bare bones and some rules that used to apply to minecraft are different

For example you can no longer break logs, in order to do so you must have a hatchet

To make a hatchet follow these guides

1) Find gravel and gather flint

2) Take the flint and hit it on rock to get flint peices

3) break leaves to get sticks

4) Make a flint knife

5) Use the flint knife on plants

6) use the plant fibers to make plant string

7) use the plant string with a stick and a flint peices to make the hatchet

Another thing that is changed is the ores they are little to no ores peroid in order to make some

You will need the sift or follow the hatchery mod. I hope you have fun